i think that some days

i need my people

who make me

laugh, sing a ditty about chocolate and want to dance in the rain

~i’m still finding all my people


i think ive finally figured out

how to be free


sometimes you meet special people

who eat skittles at 8:00 a.m.

flawlessly wear purple sweatpants

wink at boys

and write endless poetry about heartbreak

they were called ordinary

chipped raspberry colored nail polish

i can’t make myself repaint

freckles all over my legs

taunting bits of melanin

little hair curls i don’t tie back

chapped lips i slather lip gloss on

orange citrus perfume

faded blue t-shirt

black shorts i think were made for running

banana nut muffins without bananas

poetry written on napkins and palms with sharpie

melting orange creme popsicles

and me

you asked for imperfect things

a tangle of legs not yet tan

wild hair that is just getting hints of blonde and strawberry

cherry soda with hot fudge cakes

friendship bracelets with pony beads

swimming in a too big t-shirt

freedom redefined