Hey there!

So I’m back!! And I definitely LOVE my purchases.

I held myself back a little, because I wanted to be practical and consider that I had other places I wants to spend my school clothes money.

First off, I bought a jean jacket. (My favorite purchase) I love looking at jackets at thrift stores, because whenever you want something vintage looking, you can always find one that looks awesome after being “used.” I bought a Large, which a couple sizes too big, but that way it make it baggy, and not tight around the shoulders. (Jean jackets have a tendency to be tight around the arm pits and shoulders usually.) They had several brands, most of which I didn’t recognize. So I picked a style that I liked best, and then checked the price through Google. My jean jacket is the Bass brand, which is normally $39.99. I bought it for $2.00

I have plenty of pins at home, like ones with my initials, emojis, organizations I support, etc.

So, I add a little splash of color all over the distressed dark blue denim.

If you want to add pins, but don’t have any, old earrings work just as well. Just bend if you have too much end so that it doesn’t poke you.

My next favorite purchase is a pair of vintage shoes. They look really small, but are actually pretty roomy inside. I was super lucky to find my size.

They have a tiny bit of heel, which made me worried at first because I don’t do heels. Nope. I trip and tumble, and hurt my poor ankles. But I could hardly tell they had anything on the bottom!

Warning about this kind of shoes: I own a vintage pair of boots similar to this, and you have to keep in mind they have a VERY thin bottom. Like no support. So it’s not for a lot of walking, but for a school day, or lunch date, they’re perfect.

I bought a few t-shirts too, but those were my two favorite things I got.




Thrift Store Shopping


If you read the “About Me” (You better have!! 😉) you know I am obsessed with fashion.

This was actually really recent and a little bit startling for me. I grew up along side boys (My older brother and his friends) so my clothes were always practical. Hiking boots, navy pants, and a stripped t-shirt. Or shorts, and a old t-shirt with Keens.

I never felt the need to wear anything special or different.

I needed clothes that could do what I needed them to, so jean jackets and leather boots were never for me.

But the older I got, the more I came to understand that fashion is not just about clothes. It’s not even really about dressing up.

It’s about the feeling you get when you compose an outfit that gives you confidence, inspires you, and reflects who you are.

Today I get to go shopping for my school clothes, so guess my first stop.

YES! The local thrift store.

It has good clothes, for good prices.

Here are tips for shopping in thrift stores:

• Don’t be turned away my a few rips

I dislike ripped clothes as much as the next girl, but in something like a vintage jacket, hat, etc, you can really turn in around with some embroidery thread and a thick needle. When it is in t-shirt sleeves, you can always make a tank top, and always find ways to trim it off and make it still work. There are TONS of DIY options that don’t need a perfect condition shirt.

• Google Search before buying

Now if you know the item is at a good price, don’t hesitate to buy. But if you aren’t familiar with the item, it’s sometimes safe to do a google search. That way you know if it is actually a good deal. Stores like Goodwill often over charge items, so I always make sure to see if I am getting a good deal.

• Check it over

Always make sure you check over whatever it is, BEFORE buying. This way you are aware of any stains, rips, holes, etc. Whenever something is dark color especially you want to check it over. Stains and holes hide easily in black and navy fabric.

•Make sure you can wear it!

Even though it might be your size, and looks like it fits, looks can be deceiving. Hold it up to yourself for length, etc. That way you are absolutely sure that you are able to wear it/do something with it.

If you do all that, you’re sure to get a good deal.

So, wish me luck! I will list the items (and maybe even a few pictures!) later.

❤️❤️, Madie G