Q&A With Hannah

Hi, Gals! One of my blogger friends agreed to do a Q&A about beauty, herself, as well as any extra topic questions I throw at her! Hope you enjoy!


Hey, I’m Hannah R, known as The Different Girl online. I am just a Jesus loving, crazy dreaming, milkshake loving kind of girl. I love to encourage others (and myself)  😉 to embrace their quirks and be themselves. I’m homeschooled, my favorite color is purple and you can either find me blogging or eating ice-cream.




  1. Everyone has bad days. What is some advice you would give, and what are some self-care tips you would suggest?

I think firstly it is important to accept that the day isn’t going the greatest, that way you can work on ways on improving it instead of circling around the fact that it’s a bad day.

To help improve your day, maybe chat with someone, treat yourself to something you love or get outside.


2. What do you think it means to live fearlessly? And how are some ways you do it?

Fear is definitely something that I struggle with. To let go of fear I think is to fully give it over to God and learn to trust Him more each day. I’m learning each day how to let go of my fear and it’s not a quick thing to live fearlessly because of the way fear is ingrained in us. Something that is helping me, is to recognize that I am becoming fearful in that situation and to pray about it right then and then try journal through it to help my brain process what is happening.


3. What are some of your favorite quotes

“Be yourself everyone else is already taken”

-Oscar Wilde

And a quote by Morgan Harper Nichols but one I love by her is, “This is the season she will make beautiful things, not perfect things but honest things that speak to who she is and who she is called to be.”


4. Any good media you would suggest?

I love the podcast called Girls Night by Stephanie May Wilson.

Allison and Ainsley’s blogs are awesome and @divinedependence, @kiki.judith, and @my.messiah.does.miracles on Instagram are great too. But there are so many more great people sharing their journeys to encourage others.


5. Where do you look when you feel like you should be perfect, and it starts to affect your daily life?

When I feel like I need to be perfect or start comparing myself, I normally have to stop whatever I’m doing that’s making me feel that way (example: take a social media break) and re focus my attention on who God says I am and what He has given me. I know it sounds cheesy but I seriously am learning to actively retrain my brain to stop believing the lies. The main way I do this is to keep repeating verses I love over again or singing the song ‘Jesus loves me’ to myself.


6. Have you ever felt like you haven’t measured up to standards everyone else has?

Yes definitely, I often feel I should workout more, eat healthier, get better grades etc because of the way the world is constantly telling you to achieve more and glorify yourself.


7. Why do you think gossip is bad?

Gossip can really hurt people and so that immediately turns it bad. When we gossip we are only doing it for our own pleasure and putting ourselves first. But God really wants us to put others before us and be sensitive to how others feel and respect others opinions


8.What are some things that make you smile?

Journaling or any kind of writing, eating ice-cream, singing completely out of tune for fun, watching a good movie and being with my family.


9. Do you believe staying healthy is part of self love?

I think there is a fine line between loving yourself and idolizing yourself. I don’t believe our main goal should love ourselves but to love others and God more but still be confident in being the person God has made us to be. Being healthy is a way we can honor our bodies and glorify God.


10.Growing up, what are some things you really struggled with? And how did God help you overcome them?

Anxiety is something I’ve grown up with and do still struggle with but God is constantly helping me get better. He has helped me get better by constantly showing up when I so need Him and being faithful, He always reminds me of who He is and who He says I am.


11. What is some of your favorite music?

I only listen to Christian music, I love Casting Crowns, Britt Nicole and Francesca Battistelli


12. Who are some people who have inspired you?

Online, I would say Jess Conte, Kristin Johns, Cambria Joy and Katie Emmerson and my friend Meg.

In my day to day life, I would say my mom and sister.


13. What gave you the inspiration behind the name of your blog? And to you, what does it mean to be different?

My own journey to accept who God has made me to be and being told my quirks and loving Jesus wasn’t a good thing, really sparked my passion for being different. Being different means going against the world’s ways and really standing out for what you believe.


14. What is your sense of style like?

I dress very casually, normally leggings or in Summer I love dresses.


15. What are some times you have felt really close to God, while you were facing difficult choices?

When I was at my lowest with my mental health, God really reminded me of the hope He has given me.


16. Why do you think it is important to read God’s word?

For me, I read the Bible because it provides us with everything we need, it gives us hope, it helps to recognize the right path to go on, it shows God’s character. It is a way to really connect with God


17. What are some of your favorite books?

At the top of my list will always be, The Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn (anything by her is great!)

And I loved Cultivate by Lara Casey too! Those are my top choices!


18. At the end of all this, please define what beauty is to you:

True beauty is the way your heart looks and your pure love for the Lord. Your personality should be more beautiful than your physical appearance.




That is all! Thanks so much Hannah!

On Hannah’s blog she has amazing lists of positive media like Youtube channels, bloggers, etc.

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